Working for PVM Studios

Is Tagg Ryan a crook who will cheat me out of my wages

When I was hired by Paradise Vibe Marketing or PVM Studios, or PVM Radio I figured from the first minute that Tagg Ryan was a crook and they the folks at PVM Studios were going to cheat me out of my wages and try to get me to work for free.

But hey I could be wrong. I have made mistakes before and just because something looks and sounds like a scam, doesn't always mean it is a scam.

Now I am currently homeless and unemployed so what do I have to lose if I work for them a couple of weeks and they screw me out of my wages? Well absolutely nothing! Well absolutely nothing but my time.

So I figured what the heck. I would do the work and I would probably get screwed by the folks at PVM Studios. But there is a slim chance that they would pay me and everything would work out.

So I took the chance and decided to write the software for them.

Covering my butt so they don't get my work for free

Well to cover my butt I figured I would write the software and put it on THIS site.

That way if the folks at PVM Studios decide to screw me out of my wages they won't get the software for free.

But they can verify the software is working by going to this site and checking it out.

Why did I think Tagg Ryan was scamming me?

Well first of all Tagg Ryan never offered me a wage or salary. I have never been offered a job of any type where they didn't make me an offer on what they were paying me before I started work.

Second they didn't make me fill out any of the paper work required by law. Things like forms for Social Security and Federal Income tax. Nor did they demand any ID as required by law to prove I am not an illegal alien who snuck into the USA.

Tagg and the owner Pierre Joseph treat people like sh*t and waste tons of time. The first day I waited for two hours before they showed up. People don't waste your time if they are paying for it.

Another day I had to wait almost two hours for the owner Pierre Joseph to let me in.

Last Tagg Ryan didn't tell us any nice details about things like pay dates, when we had to turn in our hours or anything else.

It sure sounded like a scam.

Maybe Tagg Ryan forgot to tell me all that stuff

At first I figure there was a slim chance that Tagg Ryan had forgotten tell me my pay rate and forgotten to have me fill out all the required legal documents.

But that wasn't the case. Tagg Ryan had hired another guy and he was in the same position as me.

Tagg didn't tell him his pay rate. Tagg didn't ask him to fill out any of the required legal forms. Tagg didn't ask him for any identification or legal documents.

Based on that I was certain that Tagg Ryan was scamming us.

I think from day one Tagg was planning on screwing me and the other guy out of our wages.

Pierre tells us he will pay us fairly

On the second day there Pierre Joseph who is one of the owners promised to pay us fairly. He said we could either work full time for him, or work as contractors.

Again I figured that Pierre was scamming up. I have never received a job offer in my life where they promised to pay us fairly.

Hell if you ask me I think fairly means not a penny less then $100 and hour. I suspect that Pierre's version of fair pay means he would pay us nothing. That is a real fair wage for an employeer.

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